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Hello and thank you for visiting IsMyCar.co.uk. This website is here to help UK car owners quickly, safely and conveniently check

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To provide this website free of charge the business has partned with several affiliated businesses to provide relevant services. The adverts- clearly marked on the website – operate using cookies to track the clicks. IsMyCar earns a small commision if / when a visitor purchases goods or service from the affiliated advertiser. IsMyCar does NOT track, store or sell any personal data.

Not just for cars

The services provided on this website are applicable to cars, motorbikes and vans.

How does it work

IsMyCar.co.uk will direct you to either the UK’s official and generally FREE information portal for example GOV.uk and AskMID.com. If there is a FREE service – IsMyCar.co.uk will direct you to it. At present this is the case for MOT, Vehicle Tax and Insurance checking

For searches where there is no FREE service you will be redirected to an affiliated website service. As an affiliate, IsMyCar.co.uk gets paid a small percentage of commission each time someone signs up to one of the PAID FOR services provided by our partners. The charged for services include stolen vehicle checks, written off / scrapped vehicle checks etc.

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If your company offers a service that you think our visitors would benefit from please contact Tristan Haskins via email. To save our inbox from spam the email address is – info@thiswebsitename – in other words subsititute thiswebsitename for ismycar.co.uk

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