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To drive on the the UK roads your car, bike or van must have valid Vehicle Tax. The majority of drivers have to pay to tax their vehicle. However, certain vehicles may be exempt from Vehicle Tax. Please scroll down for more information of Vehicle Tax exemption eligibity and press the “Tax Exempt” button to access the website

Disabled Persons Information

Disabled drivers may be exempt from Vehicle Tax or eligible for a reduction in the price they have to pay. Please refer to the disabled drivers section of the website.

Car Tax FAQ’s

If you are confused regarding any area of vehicular taxation then please visit our Car TAX FAQ’s. Everything from – what happens if my car is clamped to how much is car tax, how can I apply for SORN and how to report an untaxed vehicle.

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Is your car exempt from vehicle tax

Vehicle Tax Exemption

Certain vehicles are exempt from vehicle tax for example disabled passenger vehicles, historic vehicles, certain electric vehicles. A summary of these vehicles is listed below. Please press the “Tax Exempt” button below for more precise details and to apply for Vehicle Tax Exemption. The service is provided FREE of charge from the GOV.UK website.

  • Vehicles used by a disabled person
  • Disabled passenger vehicles
  • Mobility scooters, powered wheel chairs and invalid carriages
  • Historic vehicles (made before 1 January 1978 are exempt from 1 April 2018)
  • Electric vehicles
  • Mowing machines
  • Steam vehicles
  • Vehicles used just for agriculture, horticulture and forestry

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