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Risks of Driving an Uninsured Vehicle

Driving an uninsured vehicle in the UK carries significant penalties and dangers. Firstly, it is illegal to drive a vehicle on public roads without proper insurance. If caught, the driver can face severe consequences such as hefty fines, penalty points on their driving license, and even potential disqualification from driving.

Additionally, the vehicle itself may be seized by the authorities. Driving uninsured poses financial risks as well, as the driver would be personally liable for any damages or injuries caused in an accident. This could lead to substantial financial burdens and potential legal action. Insuring a vehicle is essential for protecting oneself, other road users, and complying with the law.

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Does your car have valid Insurance?

Driving a vehicle without valid Insurance is a motoring offence. Getting caught driving an uninsured vehicle can lead to financial fines, points on your driving licence or – in certain cases – imprisonment. Don’t delay, it’s free and simple to check to see if you have car insurance at AskMID. More about AskMID here or scroll down the page and click the button “Check My Vehicle” or “Another Person’s Vehicle” and visit their website.

The AskMID website puts the importance of vehicle insurance very clearly “WARNING – If your vehicle details are NOT on the Motor Insurance Database you are at risk of being fined and facing court prosecution. You may also be stopped by the police and have your vehicle impounded, and possibly disposed of, if proof of insurance cannot be provided.”

Don’t Forget to Check for a Valid MOT certificate

It’s easy to forget when your MOT has expired. Driving a car on the public highways without a valid MOT is an offence. Click here to find out if your car is taxed.

AskMID Insurance Checker

The Motor Insurance Database can provide details regarding your vehicles insured status. The website AskMID has two sections. The first is for OWNERS of the specific vehicle being checked – in other words, if you own the vehicle you are entitled to check that you have valid insurance. The other is to check the insurance status of a THIRD PARTY – a vehicle that you do NOT own, maybe one that was involved in an accident with you.

Find out if YOUR car is insured

The AskMID service will tell you if your car has valid insurance. Press the “Check My Vehicle” button below if you own the vehicle you wish to enquire about. The service is FREE to the owner of the vehicle.

Find out if ANOTHER persons car is insured

The AskMID service will also tell you if another person’s car has valid insurance. If you want to check the insurance status of someone else’s vehicle, please scroll down to the “Another Person’s Vehicle” button. There is a charge for this service.

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IsMyCar is affiliated to EPN and may earn commission on sales (more details)

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Check ANOTHER person’s Car Insurance

Free access to the AskMID (Motor Insurance Database) is limited to the registered owner of a vehicle (in this case use the”Check My Vehicle” button above). The exception to this rule is following a road traffic accident. If you have been involved in an accident and you wish to check the insurance status of other vehicles you may use the  service for a small charge (currently £4 – Nov 2019). To check the insurance status of a third party vehicle please press the “Is OTHER car insured” button below.

About AskMID

AskMID is an online service in the UK that allows individuals to check the insurance status of a vehicle. The name “AskMID” stands for “Motor Insurance Database.” It is operated by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), which is a non-profit organization established to compensate victims of accidents caused by uninsured or untraced (hit-and-run) drivers.

The purpose of AskMID is to provide a simple and accessible way for individuals to verify if a vehicle is insured. By entering the vehicle’s registration number, users can quickly check whether it is recorded on the Motor Insurance Database and has valid insurance coverage.

The AskMID service is primarily intended for use by the general public, including individuals buying or selling vehicles, law enforcement agencies, and other authorized entities. It helps combat uninsured driving by promoting awareness and ensuring that drivers comply with the legal requirement of having valid insurance.

It’s important to note that while AskMID provides information on insurance status, it does not provide detailed information about the policy, such as coverage limits or specific terms. It solely confirms whether a vehicle is insured or not. If more specific information is needed, such as the coverage details or policy terms, it is advisable to contact the insurance provider directly.

AskMID is a useful tool for verifying insurance status and promoting road safety, and it has been widely used by individuals and organizations in the UK to ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

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IsMyCar is affiliated to EPN and may earn commission on sales (more details)

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