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Does your car have a valid MOT?

Driving your vehicle without a valid MOT is a motoring offence and can lead to hefty fines. It can also lead to problems if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen.

In May 2018 the MOT test changed – and so did the associated fines. The maximum fine for driving a car without an MOT is £1000. In many cases the Police will issue a £100 on the spot fine. Driving a vehicle that has failed an MOT with a “DANGEROUS” notification could lead to a fine of £2500 and up to 3 points on your licence. 2018 MOT test is explained in more detail here.

New cars are exempt from an MOT until they reach the third anniversary of their registration. Once a car/ motorbike / van is 3 years old the owner is required to obtain an MOT (* see exceptions below)

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An MOT certificate is evidence that a vehicle has passed a rigorous series of tests ensuring it is road worthy, safe and performing within the UK’s emissions standards. If you are unsure as to whether or not your vehicle has a valid MOT certificate please press the “MOT Status” button below. Enter your vehicles registration number on the UK government’s offical vehicle enquiry service for details as to whether – or not – your vehicle has a valid MOT. This service is FREE. If you want to find out more about your vehicle’s history then please visit our affiliated partner from the advert below.

MOT History Report

It is possible to obtain a detailed MOT history of your vehicle from the UK government’s official vehicle enquiry service. Simply enter your registration number for MOT history back to 2005. The report gives access to the following

  • if the vehicle passed or failed the MOT
  • what the vehicle’s mileage was when it was MOT tested
  • what the MOT failures were at each test – and whether any parts had minor problems
  • when the next MOT is due

Please click the “MOT History” button below for a free MOT history check with GOV.UK website. However, if you want to know more about your car, van or motorbike’s history then please consider the service offered by our affiliated partner via the advert below.

MOT Exemptions

Most vehicles require an MOT test on the third anniversary of their registration. In general, once your car, van or motorbike reaches 3 years old you will need to book it in for an MOT. However, there are certain classes of vehicle that are exempt from an MOT test. The list of vehicles that are exempt from an MOT is quite complicated and regularly reviewed.

A better understanding of these exceptions can be found on the MOT forms page of the website. The Dept for Transport made considerable changes to the exemption from testing of  specialised vehicles in 2017 – this subject is covered well on the TransportOperator website

Historic Vehicles

One group of vehicles that can take advantage of MOT exemption is Classic Cars and other older vehicles. If you have an Historic Vehicle over 40 years old then that it may be MOT exempt. To check if your historic vehicle is exempt from an MOT test please press the “Historic Vehicles” button below

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