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Is my car stolen?

Check if a car has been stolen before you buy it

Premium Service vehicle history reports highlight if a car has been stolen, exported, written-off, scrapped & much more from just £3.99 (correct when published). A basic report is FREE – this gives MOT status and valuation. Buying a car is a big deal so buy with confidence. can reveal a vehicle’s full history, enabling you to make a more informed decision. Discover a vehicle’s hidden history, if it’s been written off or stolen, has outstanding finance and much more. They also have some great deals for multi-car bundled reports. Visit today for peace of mind from an affordable stolen car checking service

Has a car been Stolen?

If you purchase a stolen vehicle from an private individual you may be left in debt and out of pocket. The victim of a stolen car sale is not entitled to any compensation unless the seller can be found, convicted and prosecuted. There are some simple things a buyer can check before parting with any money. The .GOV.UK site lists some common sense guidance including checking the V5 document – ensuring the name and address are those of the seller … more details at

Stolen Car, Van or Motorbike Checkers

These services are available for any vehicle with a UK registration number and a V5 document. Stolen vehicle checks can be provided for motorbikes, cars and vans. There are certain checks you can do for yourself from the website. However, if you want to be 100% certain it is advisable to use a stolen vehicle checking service such as those provided by the MyCarCheck and HPI. Most of the services available from these businesses provide peace of mind by way of an insurance policy / anti-fraud guarantee (*please read specific terms and conditions on providers’ website). Please scroll down for more details or click on the adverts below the main image.

Don’t buy a stolen car …

For peace of mind and financial security put your investigation in to the hands of the experts. There are several services available online from companies like HPI and MyCarCheck give the buyer confidence that a vehicle is NOT stolen. With several levels of service to chose from – some with insurance guarantees up to £30K – you get the service that best suits your needs and concerns. Click the buttons below for either MyCarCheck or HPI to obtain immediate access to a detailed report from just the registration number. These services are NOT free. The service providers provide clear costing information at point of registration entry.

MyCarCheck and HPI Check

Currently have services starting from just £1.99 and a comprehensive vehicle history report from £9.99. They also offer some great value BUNDLES for those looking at more than one car. With 3 x checks for £14.99 – 5 x checks for £19.99 and 20 x checks for £59.99 they offer peace of mind and great value. (prices correct – Feb 2019)

HPI Check offer a Basic report for £9.99. Their most popular service is a full HPI check for £19.99 and a 3 x car multicheck report for £29.97 (prices correct – Feb 2019)

Premium Service

HPI Check – popular vehicle checking service from under £10. Premium service comes with £30,000 data guarantee for peace of mind. HPI are the market leaders in vehicle history checks. They are all about giving used car buyers the right information at the right time when buying a used car, van or bike. By following HPI’s advice, doing an HPI Check, and buying prudently, the car buying experience should be as pain-free as possible.

HPI Check - Features and Services

The graphic below shows some of the important checks included in a vehicle history report from HPI Check. To get more details please view their online Sample Report Here

Compare the features from HPI Check

MyCarCheck - Features and Services

The chart below highlights the key checks included in a vehicle history report from MyCarCheck. To get more details please view their online vehicle history checking service here

Comparison of features from

Car Theft Soaring

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the number of cars stolen in 2017 was 89,000 up from 56,000 the previous year. That’s a huge increase and something that car buyers must not ignore. If you buy a stolen car the authorities in the UK are within their legal rights to confiscate the vehicle – without any compensation for the unfortunate owner. This interesting report on the AutoExpress website suggests that a growing concern is the raise in keyless entries – using electronic relay devices to trick the car in to thinking it’s been legitimately unlocked – more information at AutoExpress

Take a minute to read these headlines provided by Facts like these illustrate the importance of a comprehensive vehicle history check.

  • 1 in 4 used vehicles have adverse history
  • 18% of vehicles have been written off
  • 89,000 vehicles are stolen every year
  • 52% of vehicles checked have at least one warning

Is your car insured?

You won’t be able to get vehicle tax without valid insurance. The penalty for driving without valid insurance is often higher than driving an untaxed vehicle. It’s easy to forget whether you have renewed your car insurance, especially if you have several vehicles. Don’t get caught out – check to see if your car is insured now – checking your car insurance is FREE with askMID