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Has my car been written off?

Has your car ever been written off

Has a car been scrapped or written off?

In the UK a car is assessed following an accident by the driver’s insurance company. Depending on the level of damage the insurer may choose to write off the vehicle.

Crash Damage Categories

The level of damage is cateogorised as follows

  • CAT A – vehicle needs scrapping / crushing – cannot be repaired
  • CAT B – shell needs scrapping – some other parts can be resold as salvage – cannot be repaired
  • CAT S – (previously CAT C) – repairable, but costs  will exceed value of vehicle – can be resold
  • CAT N – (previously CAT D) – repairable, costs high but vehicle could be roadworthy again – can be resold

Category S (was Cat C) and Category N (was Cat D) vehicles often make their way back to the road and can be legally sold. Unfortunately a buyer may not be aware that the vehicle they are buying has been written off & repaired. This may result in expensive repair bills or even an unsafe vehicle. A worrying fact – 1 in 4 cars checked by the RAC have hidden history … Please make use of our affiliate partners and have a full vehicle history check with insurance guarantee. These services also report if a vehicle has ever been stolen and recovered or worse – still missing. Don’t buy a stolen car – get a vehicle history check from or HPI Check.

Premium Service vehicle history reports highlight if a car has been stolen, exported, written-off, scrapped & much more from just £3.99 (correct when published). A basic report is FREE – this gives MOT status and valuation. Buy your next used vehicle with confidence. can reveal a vehicle’s full history, enabling you to make a more informed decision. Don’t be taken for a rideand buy a stolen car – discover a vehicle’s hidden history.

Write Off Status

If you are in the market for a new used vehicle then it’s quite probable you will be paying in advance of several thousand pounds. Why take the risk of buying a car that has previously been involved in a serious accident, repaired and put back on the road. The choice of second hand vehicles is huge – buy one with a clear history. With vehicle history reports starting from less than £2 you can be certain your new vehicle is safe and never been declared a write off, stolen or scrapped.

Popular Vehicle History Reports

There are several services available online from companies like HPI Check, MyCarCheck and the RAC that provide peace of mind by checking to see if a vehicle has been written off. Click the buttons below for either or HPI for a detailed report all from just the vehicle’s registration number. These services are NOT free. The service providers provide clear costing information. Please ensure you purchase the level of service that meets your requirements.

Reports from just £1.99

If you’re buying a new car don’t take any risks and get a thorough vehicle history report including stolen car report. Currently offer services starting from just £1.99 and a comprehensive vehicle history report from £9.99. HPI Check offer a Basic report for £9.99. Their most popular service is a full HPI check for £19.99 and a 3 x car multicheck report for £29.97 (prices correct as of Oct 2018)

Check car Insurance here

The penalty for driving without valid insurance is often higher than driving an untaxed vehicle. It’s easy to forget whether you have renewed your car insurance, especially if you have several vehicles. Don’t get caught out – check your car is insured herechecking your car insurance is FREE with askMID